Categories to Enter

To enter the Awards, you first need to select the Project category most relevant for your design project.

Closing date for entries: January 31

If you are in any doubt about which category to enter, please email martyn [dot] scruby [at] musicdesignawards [dot] com (Martyn Scruby) for advice.

Project categories

Please select from one of following Project categories when you complete your online entry form. Students can only enter the Student category and can only enter designs that are a response to a course work brief received during term time.

There are 14 categories including an Integrated category and the Student category:


Print, digital, direct, outdoor, TV, cinema, radio and any other form of promotional material.


Computer games, visualizers, programming software, interfaces, recording programs, educational tools (mobile projects must enter the Mobile & Tablet category).

Art Derived from Music

For all music inspired works of art, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


This category looks for the best examples of creatives from different disciplines working together for the benefit of the music industry

Design for Live Performance, Tour or Festival

Single performance, tour, indoor or outdoor festival, or any other form of music-related performance, including theme, set design, venue, stage or structure design, choreography, stage costumes, lighting/AV, pyrotechnics/theatrical effects, etc. This category can also include interior design for music venues.

Identity & Branding

Music-linked logo, brand or product identity. This can be corporate, or for artists, or for products and services.

Mobile and Tablet

Any form of design for music-linked use on mobile devices, including music apps.


Album/single artwork, boxed sets/gatefold/digi-packs, video packaging and any other music-linked packaging.

Products and Merchandise

Instruments, technical products, clothing (except stage costumes), linked products, display systems, accessories, mementos and memorabilia.


 Music publishing: books, programmes, sheet music, magazines, editorially driven websites, blogs, resources, etc. 


Open to any student whose course work projects focus on design for music. A student may only enter once.


 Music performance/promo videos, etc, TV programs about music, title sequences, motion graphics, and any other music-linked moving picture material, including material uploaded to services like YouTube or vimeo.


 Artist websites, microsites, viral, video sharing sites, etc, label websites, download and non-download sites, internet radio sites.


 Combining 3 or more of the above project types for a single entry.


Music Design Awards Grand Prix

The winner of the overall Grand Prix will be voted by the judges from all winning work submitted to the Music Design Awards.

Now you need to orchestrate your award-winning work and get ready to enter.