Music Design Awards - singing the praises of design in a world of music

The Music Design Awards - an international awards competition that aims to seek out and celebrate the work of designers, worldwide, and reward them in 12 Project categories and 1 Integrated category. There is also one ultimate accolade for the Music Design Award of the Year, which is in the gift of the judges and chosen from all category winners.

The Music Design Awards will recognize excellence in packaging design, but they will also recognize live stage show design, TV program, video and motion graphics design and creative direction, marketing and advertising design, merchandise, clothing design, music applications, tools for music education, and music publishing. The project categories include an Integrated category, for any music design project that included three or more design activities.

The Music Design Awards are international and will be promoted in no fewer than 80 countries around the world. The top award, for the very best Music Design of the Year, may be awarded by the judges to a project, a team, a design practice, or a client company.

Students are also entitled to enter the Student category free of charge provided their entries are for course work set by their college. All student entries must provide the name of the College and contact details for their relevant head of department.

The Music Design Awards are open to any designer or design team creating work for the music industry during the eligibility period, which runs for fifteen months, from October 1, to December 31, the following year. Entries must be submitted online no later than January 31, annually.